Welcome to Chaotic Intent.

We are a mature, social horde guild. With a sense of humor, we gather in the spirit of WoW, and together we explore the different aspects of the game.

The Guild was created in late 2009 by friends from three different guilds. The ambition was simple - create a guild with a roster where all guildies feel like they know each other. To ensure this we have never actively recruited but have largely only added to our roster from RL-friends, in-game friends lists and so on. This has resulted in a very stable guild roster.

We are wide spread, most of us do PvE, but a few enjoy PvP as well. Also, all kinds of experience or lack of the same are represented, since we have everything from the greenest noobs, to a few heroic raiders.

Main skills required for the members are being kind, modest, good spirited and positive. Being clinically insane is not required, but certainly helps a lot :-)